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Amramp Salutes U.S. Armed Forces Veterans Day 2018

Posted on Wed, Oct 17, 2018

Amramp pays respect to men and women serving in the U.S. armed forces 

We have shared veterans statistics and simple ways to help veterans, but this year we want to highlight veterans with disabilities. 


According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, nearly 4.7 million veterans are receiving VA disability compensation. Disability compensation is defined as:

a tax free monetary benefit paid to Veterans with disabilities that are the result of a disease or injury incurred or aggravated during active military service. Compensation may also be paid for post-service disabilities that are considered related or secondary to disabilities occurring in service and for disabilities presumed to be related to circumstances of military service, even though they may arise after service. Generally, the degrees of disability specified are also designed to compensate for considerable loss of working time from exacerbations or illnesses.

Why is it relevant to discuss disability compensation for veterans? Because this statistic reflects the importance of finding the right healthcare solutions to better serve veterans in the United States.


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Amramp takes pride in helping veterans find mobility solutions in their homes. The brave American men and women who have fought to keep our country secure deserve a safe environment to come home to long after their military service. 



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Wounded Warrior Soldier Ride Cycling Event Connects Veterans

Posted on Tue, Jun 02, 2015




Meet fellow injured US military service members at Soldier Ride cycling events nationwide

The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) is an organization dedicated to assisting military service members injured on or following September 11, 2001, through unique programs and services. Through the five core tenants of "Fun, Integrity, Loyalty, Innovation, and Service" (FILIS), the Wounded Warrior Project seeks to empower and give back to veterans who have physical or mental injuries, illnesses, or wounds.

One popular program that the WWP hosts each year is the Soldier Ride, a cycling event during which participants travel to various cities around the country and invite veterans and wounded service members "to use cycling and the bonds of service to overcome physical, mental, or emotional wounds." The Soldier Ride is invigorating, inspiring, and a great way to meet new friends, get some exercise, and enjoy a day of energetic outdoor fun.

President Barack Obama got involved in the fun at April’s recent DC Soldier Ride by greeting cyclists, cheering them to the finish line, and generating laughs with his signature jovial sense of humor, joking about yoga “warrior” poses.

 During the past year, the Soldier Ride took place in the following cities/areas around the globe:

  • Miami & Key West, Florida
  • Jacksonville, Florida 
  • San Diego, California
  • Washington, DC
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Houston, Texas
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • New York, New York
  • Seattle, Washington
  • North Fork, New York
  • North Carolina
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Tampa, Florida
  • San Antonio, Texas, and
  • Landstuhl, Germany.

 The Soldier Ride welcomes and accommodates veterans of all mobility levels. Wounded Warrior provides adaptive equipment free of charge to participants, including state-of-the-art adaptive hand cycles, trikes, and bicycles. The program takes place over four days. Day one  includes orientation/bike-fitting and meet-and-greet events. On day two, participants go on a short program ride to test out their new equipment, while day three is the intense, exhilarating long-program ride covering 25-mile or 50-mile courses. Locals and supporters will come out to cheer the warriors as they pass. The final day is for wrapping up the event and saying goodbyes to new friends.

 If you are an injured veteran who wishes to join WWP and participate in program such as the Soldier Ride, click here to register online.



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