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Amramp to exhibit at WCI Conference in Orlando

Posted on Wed, Jul 25, 2018

The Workers’ Compensation Institute (WCI) will hold its 73rd Annual Conference & Expo on August 19-22, 2018, at the Orlando World Center Marriott in Orlando, Florida.


The conference will focus on bringing together stakeholders in the pursuit of gaining a better understanding of the issues of common concern regarding workers’ compensation. With an abundance of attendees including upper-level executives to end-users of products and services, the WCI’s Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference will allow for enrichment through keynote speakers general and breakout sessions, and roundtables.

Breakout sessions offer the chance for attendees to listen in on topics that catch their attention and dive deeper into the discussion. Possible topics of interest include:

  • “How Pain Becomes Chronic: Using Modern Neuroscience And Cognitive Behavioral Therapy To Inform Pain Recovery” by Geralyn Datz, Licensed Clinical Health Psychologist at Southern Behavioral Medicine Associates, PLLC and David Hanscom, Orthopedic Surgeon at Swedish Neuroscience Specialists.
  • “New Innovations in Treating the Injured Knee: Sub-Chondroplasty to Stem Cell” by Brian Reiter, MD at Atlantis Orthopaedics.
  • “Return to Work Success Stories” by Sherri George;  SkyWest Airlines’ Senior Manager of Workers’ Compensation Christine Lawson,Willis Towers Watson Vice President of Claims, Risk Control, and Claim Advocacy Practice, and Sedgwick CMS Vice President of Managed Care Client Services Tracey Radford.




Click to learn more about workshop offerings:

Featured keynote speakers and topics include:

WCI 2018 Alliance of Women In Workers’ Compensation Keynote Speaker, Jean Chatzky

WCI 2018 Conference Keynote Speaker, Lee Corso

Join Amramp on-site in the Exhibit Hall to learn about the accessibility products that Amramp can provide to those with mobility concerns following a work-related accident. Don’t miss out on the long list of unique breakout sessions, prominent keynote speakers and engaging conversations with other professionals.

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Amramp exhibits accessibility solutions at WCI Conference

Posted on Tue, Aug 01, 2017

Amramp will be exhibiting top-notch accessibility products at the Workers' Compensation Institute's 2017 educational conference. The annual WCI conference always features organizations that have been recognized as leaders within the field.

The nationally acclaimed annual WCI conference continues to be the premier meeting for the study of workers’ compensation, workplace safety and health, and related issues.


According to the National Safety Council, a worker is injured every 7 seconds. That's 540 injuries per hour. A survey of injured workers conducted by the Gilmore Group says, "More than half of respondents (57%) said they did not have a workplace safety program or initiatives program in place at the time of their injury."


Amramp's temporary and permanent installations ensure that workers' don't need to be concerned about mobility or accessibility in the workplace or in their own home. We'll be exhibiting some of our products at the 72nd annual WCI conference August 6-9 at the Orlando World Center Marriot. Here's what else you can expect if you're heading that way:


Gavin DeGraw, Grammy-nominee


Amramp is honored to have been asked back once again to showcase durable equipment that for home health, mobility, and safety. The Amramp accessibility experts look forward to heading to sunny Florida and hope to see you there!


Wheelchair manufacturer and installer Amramp offers innovative accessibility products, including the ADA-compliant, patented modular ramp system. On-site estimates are free, and installation is generally within days, often within 24 hours.


For more about Amramp’s wheelchair ramp and aging-in-place products and services, or free on-site estimates, please contact Amramp’s National Customer Service Center at 888-715-7598.


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Amramp Rocks the 2015 WCEC Conference in Orlando

Posted on Thu, Aug 13, 2015

Joan Jett

The 70th Annual Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference (WCEC) and the 27th Annual Safety and Health Conference is being held August 23-26, where thousands of attendees will be descending upon the Orlando World Resort Marriott in Orlando, Florida, to study and explore changes in the national workers’ compensation and safety industries. 

Some highlights from the conference will include:

There are a few panels that you also shouldn't miss including:

  • Return-to-Work: This panel will focus on giving attendees the skills and strategies to assist employees returning to the workplace after an injury
  • Workplace Safety & Health: This series of classes will be going over all the different facets of maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, from pre-employment testing to accident investigation.
  • Medical Issues: This Mini-Med School, which is popular with adjusters, attorneys and nurse case managers, will be teaching attendees how to identify prescription and illegal drugs that are being abused by workers which cause increased risk of workplace injuries and the legalities surrounding that.
  • Disney's SyncLink™ Technology: Since you can't help but immediately think Disney when you think of Orlando, as a special treat, attendees will be given a peek behind the curtain of Disney's revolutionary SyncLink™ Technology, a wireless, synchronized data management system that can give real-time compliance and food safety data.

Explore the complete program detailing the hundreds of speakers, presentations, and exhibitors on the WCI website. Attendees can also earn continuing education (CE) credits.  A complete list of all courses of approved for credit will be available at the Continuing Education desk in the registration area. 

Amramp is honored to be invited to exhibit at WCEC 2015. Not only will we be demonstrating our latest products and advances in accessibility, but, in honor of Joan Jett and Blackhearts, the exhibit hall is also going to be decorated in an ’80s/neon/rock ’n’ roll theme. With over 8,000 attendees and 450 exhibitors, it promises to be a great time. We hope to see you in Orlando!


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