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Creative Wheelchair Halloween Costume Ideas

Posted on Wed, Oct 03, 2018

Amramp salutes families and kids who celebrate Halloween with their awesome costumes


It can be challenging to find the right costume for children who require special mobility solutions, but it doesn't mean that it's impossible!


Now, with so many online resources available on blogs and social media, it's easier for parents to get Halloween costume ideas for their children to make their own costumes. ABC News shared the Carrie McLelland, a Texas mother who builds Halloween costumes for children with spina bifida. She started by creating wheelchair-friendly costumes for her son, Caleb, who has dressed as Mario Kart, Bob the Builder, and Batman in the Batmobile. 


There are also companies and creatives like McLelland who can create a custom wheelchair costume. This approach does require more advanced planning, but it's worth keeping in mind for next year!


Want to get started thinking of your child's Halloween costume? Pinterest and Etsy are great places to find inspiration for children's Halloween costumes, as well as family costume ideas—we found several wheelchair costume ideas that we featured in last year's Halloween blog post. 


Here are some of our favorite inspiration for children's wheelchair costumes this Halloween:


Amramp Wheelchair Costume MacAndCheeseFINAL-min

[Full photo credit]


Amramp Wheelchair Costume AshPikachuPokeBall-min

[Full photo credit]


Amramp Wheelchair Costume SharkTankCostumeWorks-min

[Full photo credit]


Amramp Wheelchair Costume OlafFrozen-min


Amramp Wheelchair Costume MarioKart FINAL-min

[Full photo credit] [Etsy shop]


Have you built a DIY Halloween costume for your child? Or have you ordered a custom wheelchair-friendly Halloween costume? Tell us about your experience! 


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Amramp Salutes Parents Who Rock Halloween

Posted on Sun, Oct 01, 2017

Every year, Amramp loves seeing how families put together incredible wheelchair Halloween costumes for their children!

Although having limited mobility can be especially frustrating for young children on an average day, we admire parents who make Halloween a special day for their sons and daughters to have the best costumes among their peers. It's hard to miss all of the creativity, love and care that is put into the wheelchair Halloween costumes.


Amramp Wheelchair Costume Star Wars Family


Amramp Wheelchair Costume Ice Cream Truck


Amramp Wheelchair Costume Frosted Flakes x Lucky Charms


Amramp Wheelchair Costume Hello Kitty


Amramp Wheelchair Costume Carl x Russell Up Movie


If you want more wheelchair costume ideas for Halloween, check out our ultimate wheelchair Halloween costume guide!


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Wheelchair Halloween Costume Guide

Posted on Wed, Oct 26, 2016

Not sure how to decorate your child’s wheelchair for Halloween? 


We’ve searched the web for creative Halloween costumes that you can build at home or find online. To start, here are five of our favorite looks we found on Instagram: 


Hot Air Balloon Pilot


Kirstin, a proud mother of four daughters (two daughters are diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and one is diagnosed with multiple disabilities), created this elaborate costume for one of her girls. The colorful balloon and flags make this truly stand out!



[photo credit: @house_of_redheads]



Elvis Presley


Sam knows how to impersonate the King of Rock riding in a pink Cadillac! Learn more about Sam and his diagnosis with a rare brain disease called Vanishing White Matter disease on his family’s blog.



[photo credit: @samvsvwm]


Cruella de Vil


Zoey looks like the fashionable villain from 101 Dalmatians with her red luxury Panther De Ville—the fun paw-print and feather hat completes the look.



[photo credit: @theduchessofdonuts


Buzz Lightyear 


Jorden, young cancer survivor, is ready to launch into infinity and beyond as the space ranger in Disney Pixar's Toy Story—the tap lights on the ship's wings are a useful detail for trick-or-treating at night.



[photo credit: @lexi.lom]




Steve and The Enderman


Carsyn and his brother Dustyn look awesome in their Minecraft-inspired costumes—this sibling duo is great inspiration for families looking for a unique Halloween theme.



[photo credit: @bysarahhalstead]


For more wheelchair costume ideas, we recommend searching Pinterest or Instagram.


Want to take your wheelchair costume to the next level?


There are amazing organizations dedicated to helping children who want custom wheelchair costumes. The Magic Wheelchair, is one non-profit and Walkin’ and Rollin’ Costumes, an organization based in Kansas City, create amazing costumes for families and their children with special needs. If you choose to work with an organization, be sure to plan ahead—the application process can start as early as August!


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