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2018 Winter Olympics Commercials Represent Diverse Abilities

Posted on Mon, Feb 12, 2018

For the 2018 Winter Olympic and Paralympic games, it is clear that brands are sending a new message to viewers by highlighting individuals of all abilities


Although several advertisers have reportedly cut back their ad spending for the winter olympics, the companies that will air creative advertising campaigns during the 2018 PyeongChang winter games are ready to show a new narrative of what it means to have "ability."


Here is an overview of commercials that feature athletes and individuals succeeding in today's world:


Microsoft AI Commericial featuring Common


Narrated by American hip hop recording artist Common, viewers can see how the power of AI makes an impact on today's world and the way in which the technology sets a new precedent for new generations. 


"Today, right now, you have more power at your fingertips than entire generations that came before you."




Samsung "Do What You Can't" Campaign

The commercial begins showing the difference between what it feels like to be encouraged and what it means to be or to feel discouraged. Even though the situation may be challenging, it does not mean that it's insurmountable. 


"We're born to do what can't be done. Do what you can't."



Apple's "Dear Apple" Campaign


The AppleWatch is more than an electronic vanity piece. Apple shares the stories of several customers who have benefited from the technology that has the ability to help achieve fitness goals, monitor blood sugar levels and even save lives. 




Toyota's "Mobility for All" Campaign


Adweek reports that Toyota has made great efforts to launch its global campaign. The seven creative pieces of the campaign demonstrate how the company plans to move forward with new innovations for people of all abilities. 




Visa Spotlights Paralympian Oksana Masters


The first ever global sponsor for the Olympics and Paralympicsfeatures Olympian athlete Oksana Masters. Masters has overcome a number of obstacles throughout her life, but she sees her athletic ability and persistence as important facets that keep her going. 


“Sport is what really helped me break through that mold of what people perceive as beautiful,” Masters told Visa.



Meet some of the U.S. paralympic athletes expected to rock the 2018 Paralympics at PyeongChang!


2018 Pyeongchang PARALYMPICS.png


Keep up with all of the opportunities and achievements available for wheelchair athletes.


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Inspiring athletes: The compelling stories of three Paralympians in wheelchairs

Posted on Wed, Jun 22, 2016

Three inspiring Rio 2016 Paralympians in wheelchairs


The 2016 Paralympic Games will be hosted in Rio, Brazil from September 7-18. The games will include 23 different sports with a total of 528 events, and athletes who will be representing 176 countries. Here are some of the most inspiring American Paralympic athletes in wheelchairs who have competed through the years, and are looking to win big in 2016.


Tatyana McFadden, an eight-time world champion sprint athlete from the U.S., is looking to sweep all seven distances when she competes at the Rio games. She has previously participated in the Paralympic Games in Athens, Beijing, and London and is fresh off a fourth place title at the 2016 Boston Marattatyanna_mcfadden.jpghon


McFadden was born in Russia with spina bifida, which paralyzed her form the waist down. While growing up in an orphanage in Saint Petersburg, she would walk around on her hands because she did not have access to a wheelchair. It was not until she was adopted at age 6 and brought to her hometown of Clarksville, Maryland that she first got into a wheelchair, and sports followed not long after. As a child, McFadden enjoyed wheelchair basketball, sled hockey, swimming, gymnastics and track & field. In 2004, McFadden competed in her first Paralympic Games, where she won silver and a bronze medal in track & field.


Since then, she has competed in every summer Paralympic games and has become a 10-time Paralympic medalist. If successful in her plan for the Rio games, she would be the first athlete to win all seven distances. "I've put in the hard work, the training and the time, so I would love to be on the top of the podium in each race," McFadden said in an article for Inside the Games.


Heroes desire to be known as athletes

Jared Arambula, 26, will be competing in his first-ever Paralympic Games. Two-time gold medalist at the Junior arambula_jared_120x187.jpgParalympics, Arambula will be competing on the U.S. wheelchair basketball team. Born with spina bifida, Arambula has used a wheelchair his entire life. Early on, he enjoyed wheelchair softball, but fell in love with wheelchair basketball at the young age of 6. He played on the wheelchair basketball team at his alma mater, University of Alabama, and rose to become a co-captain his senior year. As co-captain, Arambula brought the team to the National Wheelchair Basketball Tournament, where the team won first place and Arambula was awarded the Performance Award, which he had received twice previously.


Before becoming a member of the Rio 2016 team, Arambula was playing with the Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks, the NWBA 2014-2015 Division Champions. In an article for News Sentinel about his journey to the Paralympics, Arambula's old coach described him as a, "natural player," and a, "role model," with strong, "desire and ambitions." Arambula has quickly risen to iconic status in the sport, but remains humble. "It's cool for people to see us as heroes," Arambula said in an article for News Sentinel. "But someday I want to get to the point where they see us as athletes."


Overcoming adversitywagner_tennis.jpg

Since its debut at the Barcelona Paralympic Games in 1992, Wheelchair Tennis has gained outstanding popularity both nationally and internationally. This year, the top medalist from previous games is on the U.S. Team. David Wagner has earned three gold medals, two silver, and one bronze. He is currently ranked number one in the world in both singles and doubles.


At age 21, after landing on his head during a Frisbee game, Wagner became paralyzed from the mid-chest down. After the accident, he struggled trying to find a way to return to his athletic lifestyle. Now, with only 30 percent function in his hands, he has won at the 2004, 2008, and 2012 Paralympic Games.


Like many of their teammates and competitors, McFadden, Arambula, and Wagner have shown great determination and skill. Good luck to them, as well as all of Team U.S.A., in Rio this year.


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Amramp exhibits at Abilities Expo Boston 2015

Posted on Mon, Sep 21, 2015

Recap of Abilities Expo 2015 in Our Hometown of Boston! 

Abilities Expo Logo 

Amramp had an exciting weekend at this year's Abilities Expo, which was held the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (Hall C) September 18-20. This annual convention is unique in that it is geared toward all ages and all disabilities. There was 3 days of workshops, cutting-edge assistive technology, and fun activities for the whole family. Everyone from children with disabilities to aging seniors was welcome and the event was free.

The workshops offered at the conference covered a wide range of topics but some of the highlights included:

Floor mural by  Zot Artz Art Happening using adapted art tools

Since this conference is, at is core, meant to serve the entire community from children to wounded veterans to seniors, as well as their families and caregivers, there were many fun activities and events for everyone to enjoy, including:

 One Abilities Expo exhibitor demonstrating the most cutting edge assistive technology

Amramp is honored to have been counted among the exhibitors who were demonstrating the most cutting-edge assistive technology including:

We had a great time at Abilities Expo and are looking forward to next year!


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