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Amramp to exhibit at Abilities Expo Boston 2015

Recap of Abilities Expo 2015 in Our Hometown of Boston! 

Abilities Expo Logo 

Amramp had an exciting weekend at this year's Abilities Expo, which was held the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (Hall C) September 18-20. This annual convention is unique in that it is geared toward all ages and all disabilities. There was 3 days of workshops, cutting-edge assistive technology, and fun activities for the whole family. Everyone from children with disabilities to aging seniors was welcome and the event was free.

The workshops offered at the conference covered a wide range of topics but some of the highlights included:

Floor mural by  Zot Artz Art Happening using adapted art tools

Since this conference is, at is core, meant to serve the entire community from children to wounded veterans to seniors, as well as their families and caregivers, there were many fun activities and events for everyone to enjoy, including:

 One Abilities Expo exhibitor demonstrating the most cutting edge assistive technology

Amramp is honored to have been counted among the exhibitors who were demonstrating the most cutting-edge assistive technology including:

We had a great time at Abilities Expo and are looking forward to next year!


Wheelchair ramps installed in days not weeks

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Amramp Makes Historic New Orleans Home Wheelchair Accessible

Amramp Makes Historic New Orleans Home Wheelchair Accessible for
Team Gleason Summit for a Cure

(New Orleans, LA) - Steve Gleason, former NFL player and New Orleans cult hero who was diagnosed with ALS in 2011, held the first Team Gleason Summit for a Cure on June 27-28 at the historic New Orleans home of James Carville in the Uptown area of the city.

The guest list included representatives from Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Cedar Sinai Hospital, St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Emory University, Massachusetts General Hospital among more than 50 other leading organizations and eight patients with ALS using wheelchairs. As most of the older homes in New Orleans, this historic home was not wheelchair accessible. Team Gleason turned to Tim Daly, Sales Manager for Amramp Baton Rouge for a solution. Tim worked with the Amramp Corporate Engineering team to design a 70 foot long modular wheelchair ramp extending from the porch down to the driveway. Team Gleason was able to rent the ramp for just one day! After the event, the ramp was removed with no damage to the home or driveway. The Amramp system is free-standing and does not attach to the house – a perfect solution for any home, but most especially for such a beautiful, historic Southern home.

Paul Varisco, Exective Director of Team Gleason extended a gracious thank you to Tim Daly and the Amramp Baton Rouge team, “Team Gleason would like to thank everyone at Amramp for their superior service and quality product. Amramp's crew worked to add handicapped accessibility into the historic New Orleans home of James Carville and made it possible for eight patients with ALS (or Lou Gehrig's Disease) to flawlessly enjoy the Team Gleason Summit reception. New Orleans homes were not built with wheelchairs in mind, but Amramp's product complemented the environment and made it possible for everyone to have equal access. The installation crew with Amramp was professional and eager to help, even with last minute changes. We highly recommend their service and will be using them in the future.”



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Amramp Attending National PACE Association Conference in Los Angeles

Be sure to visit Amramp in Los Angeles at the 2012 National PACE Association Conference

Be sure to Visit Amramp in Los Angeles at the 2012 National PACE Association Conference

The National Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) Association will be holding its yearly conference from October 14-17 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles, and Amramp will be hosting an exhibitor booth to educate attendees on Amramp’s comprehensive line of home accessibility and Aging in Place products and services. This will be the first year that Amramp has participated in the annual PACE conference, which changes locations from year to year.

For those unfamiliar with the organization, PACE is for seniors age 55 and older who would otherwise need to live in nursing homes, but instead offers them services and support to continue living at home or with loved ones. Although PACE participants need to have a certifiably proven need for nursing home care, only about 7% nationally reside in nursing homes, and if they do, PACE pays for it and continues to coordinate the recipient’s care.

PACE is a model of healthcare “centered around the belief that it is better for the well-being of seniors with chronic care needs and their families to be served in the community whenever possible.”

Amramp and PACE are a perfect match: Amramp provides and installs ramps and home accessibility products such as lifts and installation of home safety products by experts to make nearly any home accessible to people of all mobility levels. Amramp believes the PACE goal of community-based care improves quality of life for elders and those with chronic conditions who need support.

“Amramp is thrilled to be taking part in our first PACE conference,” says Barbara Gayton, Amramp’s director of marketing. “We are eager to show new products and home accessibility solutions to PACE participants and administrators that are already making Aging in Place possible for thousands of Americans and Canadians.”

PACE holds its annual conference to inform participants of new program offerings, but also to talk about changes in law and policy that affect the program, such as the recently passed Affordable Care Act. The conference location changes year-to-year, but each location is in a district that offers PACE programs, which allows guests to actually visit different sites and see the programs “in action.”

The 2012 Pace conference highlights include  symposia, luncheons, education sessions, and roundtable discussions. And of course Los Angeles offers a diverse array of fun places to visit: Attendees will have the chance to see historic landmarks like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Santa Monica Pier, the Hollywood Sign, and Beverly Hills – but one of the most anticipated outings of the weekend is an evening at Universal Studios Hollywood.

If you will be attending the PACE Conference Los Angeles 2012, make sure to visit the exhibitor expo, stop by the Amramp booth and say hello to Director of Marketing Barbara Gayton!

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Tips from the pros on planning an ADA-compliant graduation ceremony

Amramp provides wheelchair ramp rental tips and details to consider for making your graduation ceremony safe, easy, and ADA-compliant

Putting together a fully ADA-compliant graduation ceremony is no easy task! Brett McKee of Amramp Southern California shared all of the necessary components you will need to consider to ensure that the big day is wheelchair-accessible:

Before you book a site for an event, consider your guests’ and speakers’ needs:

  • Are attendees older and using canes, walkers, or wheelchairs?
  • How far will they need to travel at the venue?
  • Are there multiple flights of stairs?
  • Can people with mobility needs be driven close to the entrance?

Respect and consideration should be shown for the feelings of those with mobility needs. Having a special entrance for certain speakers does not create a sense of equality; make the primary entrance accessible for all.

ADA ramp requirements:

  • One foot of sloped ramping for one inch of height (rise).
  • At the top and bottom of the ramp, you need a 5 x 5 foot level landing so people can easily and safely turn onto or off of the ramp.
    • For example: an 18-inch stage will require 18 feet of ramp plus 5 feet for the level landing, totaling 23 feet of clear space. Ramps are generally 36-48 inches wide as an inside measurement, with the outside handrails adding an additional 3.5 inches to the total width.
  • If the height of the stage is more than 30 inches (requiring 30+ feet of ramp), the requirement is that every 30 feet, there needs to be a 5-foot long ramp as a level resting area.

Taking “flow” into account: Having graduates enter from one end of the stage and exit another is often the most efficient way to address the flow of people as they receive their diplomas.

Ramp aesthetics: Even though wheelchair rumps are practical and functional, you can use planters with flowers, bushes, or ficus trees alongside them to soften their appearance.

Action steps:

  • Start early! This will give you more time to anticipate issues, problem-solve, and ensure that the proper equipment is in place for the big day.
  • Involve your local Amramp franchisee from the beginning. One of our evaluators will come to the site, measure, and will help you in the planning process.
  • If a facility is being used or a stage is being rented as a temporary piece of equipment, you should obtain height, length, and width measurements to share with Amramp. Providing digital photos of door entrances, stairs, and the surrounding terrain will also assist in budget planning.

Amramp makes ADA-compliance easy for graduation and more!
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The ‘People’s Tree’ visits Metro Oklahoma City Nov. 19

Amramp Oklahoma owner Tony Rainwater joins the Metro Oklahoma City area to welcome the "People’s Tree." On Saturday, Nov. 19, Tinker Air Force Base will host the Capitol Christmas Tree during its cross-country tour en route to Washington D.C.

Amramp, America's leading wheelchair ramp and mobility-solutions provider, is proud to be a part of the 2011 tour, enabling everyone of all abilities to participate in this national tradition.

Serving most of Oklahoma – from the borders of Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas – Amramp Oklahoma has a fully stocked warehouse in Tulsa, installing wheelchair ramps and portability solutions generally within 48 hours.

Using the Amramp ramp system, visitors will find just the right spot to hang their ornament or place a note on the 2011 Capitol Christmas Tree, a 65-foot white fir. The Capitol Tree events will be fully accessible and ADA-compliant.

Every year since 1970, a different U.S. state has been chosen to provide the Capitol Christmas Tree, which is placed on the Western lawn of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

This year, the special tree has a long way to travel, because the chosen state is on the opposite coast: California. As part of this year's 20-city tour, the Capitol Christmas Tree will be stopping at Tinker Air Force Base, just outside Oklahoma City.

The tree was cut on Nov. 5 in Stanislaus National Forest in Northern California, and the tour started Nov. 8.

At each Capitol Tree event across the country, attendees will climb a ramp to access the platform where they can leave a note or an ornament. By providing ADA-compliant ramps, Amramp, America's leading wheelchair ramp and mobility solution provider, is proud to ensure that everyone of all abilities can participate in this national tradition.

Be sure to visit the tree when it stops at Tinker Air Force Base near Oklahoma City on Nov. 19 and take part in this wonderful national tradition!

Visit www.capitolchristmastree2011.org for more information about the nation’s Christmas tree and related events.

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Memorial Day ceremonies accessible to everyone, especially Veterans

Organizers of Memorial Day services – this year on Monday, May 30 – need to review their plans to be certain all venues are wheelchair accessible. This is especially important as the number of older Veterans swells.

Older Veterans who served in World War II, Korea, or Vietnam are sure to attend Memorial Day ceremonies, as well as younger Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. Parades are not as common today as they once were, often replaced by wreath-layings at Veterans memorials.

Locations for these ceremonies may not be wheelchair accessible, as the Milford, Mass., Commission on Disability decided to overcome steps leading up to the annual Memorial Day ceremony platform. The decades-long traditional parade and speeches remain a town highlight, featuring honored guests from the Veterans of Foreign Wars, AMVETS, and Disabled American Veteransgroups.

Milford’s 2010 Memorial Day Parade Grand Marshal Raymond Zaccarino, a Vietnam Veteran, easily accessed the podium via Amramp’s modular wheelchair ramp, which the town rented for the day, Milford Veterans Agent John A. Pilla said. And the town will again provide an Amramp ramp for 2011 Memorial Day services on Monday, May 30.

This Memorial Day is especially poignant for America’s Veterans, as the last of the World War I doughboys, Frank Buckles of West Virginia, died in February. Buckles was buried at Arlington National Cemetery in March.

The Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that nearly 1,000 World War II Veterans die each day. For those who served across the globe in what was called The Great War, Memorial Day services remain an important American tradition. It would be a disservice to Veterans if ceremonies honoring them and their fallen comrades were not accessible to those who use wheelchairs or walking aids.

ADA compliance made easy
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For fund-raising and awareness, people of all abilities get moving

Just as certain as daffodils, the dawn of spring begins the charity walk and run season.

In cities across America men and women lace up to do everything from a leisurely 5K walk to a 26.2-mile odyssey to raise money for the hungry or for research into diseases that strike millions.

The increasingly popular events are not only for the able-bodied, however. People using wheelchairs participate and also want to be there to cheer their supporters. People who use wheelchairs are sure to attend walks for multiple sclerosis or Alzheimer’s disease.

Local Amramp owners – 44 locations across the United States – also participate in fund-raiser walks and races. Amramp of Omaha owners Todd and Bridgette Torring recently ran the Boston marathon and are lacing up to benefit Team World Vision.

In Northern New England, Amramp of Maine and New Hampshire owner Mark Rafferty participated in the ALS Walk, organized by the Northern New England Chapter of ALS. Known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis affects five of every 100,000 Americans, according to the National Institutes of Health.

There’s no known cause of this devastating disease that usually affects people after age 50.

The ALS Walk is held along Baxter Boulevard and Back Cove in Portland, Maine, and Mark felt getting involved was one small way to support research and those personally affected by ALS:

“Attending an event like this is really moving. ALS is a really horrible disease. People get diagnosed and then are expected to deteriorate and die at a relatively young age. Almost everyone there has been touched by the disease in some way: through a family member, friend, or colleague. Everyone has a story to share, and there are lots of memories of loved ones. Those living with the disease also participate – if they can – to help support the mission to find a cure. It was important for me to simply be there to support the community.”

Find out where there’s a walk to support ALS research near you.

In Boston, Amramp provided a short-term wheelchair ramp rental for the MS Walk. The ramp provided access to the stage at the Harvard University Athletic Complex. Often charity events have some kind of stage for presentations, musicians, and awards.

According to the National MS Society, approximately 400,000 Americans are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. About 200 Americans are diagnosed with MS each week.

MS Walks are held throughout the year across the country: Find one near you.

Even when the walk or run takes place in large cities where walkways are easy to use, accessibility can still be an issue. On city walks, curb cuts can also be a problem, especially for those who use motorized wheelchairs.

Amramp’s modular steel ramps can be installed with just 48 hours’ notice and can be rented for a single day, a weekend, or longer.

Find a cause to rally for today.

For more about Amramp’s services and free on-site estimates, please contact Amramp’s National Call Center at 888-715-7598 or visit http://www.amramp.com.

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Wheelchair tennis gains national and international status

Now backed by both the U.S. Tennis Association and the International Tennis Federation, this is a big year for wheelchair tennis. The sport was originated 35 years ago by Brad Parks, who was paralyzed in a skiing accident. He decided to try tennis, and now the sport is gaining popularity nationally and internationally.

Culminating from competitions held across the country, the wheelchair tennis championship is held in St. Louis, Missouri.

The season started with the USTA/ ITF Southwest Desert Classic in February in Tucson and continues through August across the nation, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Beaverton, Oregon. Check the 2011 USTA ITF/NEC Tournament Schedule to catch a few matches near you.

Even if you don't follow tennis, you know when you hear "Flushing Meadows" that the subject is the little round ball on a very fast court. The U.S. Open, held annually at Flushing Meadows, Queens, N.Y., at summer's end is one of the country's premier sporting events.

But occurring concurrently is another major tennis competition that's growing every year: the U.S. Open Wheelchair Championships, which will be held for the third year at the Dwight Davis Tennis Center in St. Louis, from Aug. 30 through Sept. 5.

Wheelchair tennis doesn't require special courts; the matches take place at existing facilities. But there can be unexpected glitches. Not all facilities are wheelchair accessible. Amramp has supplied organizers with temporary rentals, eliminating the cost of installing permanent wheelchair ramps. Amramp rents to individuals as well: whether to recover from an injury or to make your home more welcoming over the holidays. Amramp's patent-pending steel, mesh platform wheelchair ramps can be rented for a day, a week, or longer.

Amramp has installed ramps for the Wheelchair Tennis Championships in St. Louis for the past two years because not all the courts were accessible. Mary Buschmann, executive director of USTA Missouri Valley, said Amramp was great to work with. "They show up early; they ask good questions; and they know what it takes to make a place accessible," she said of Amramp.

Wheelchair ramps are necessary not only for players but also spectators. Many disabled people who take part in other sports often attend wheelchair tennis events.

Tennis is a sport almost anyone is willing to try, so its popularity with people in wheelchairs will continue to increase. The USTA sponsors collegiate wheelchair tennis competitions and urges college students to lobby for wheelchair tennis at their campuses. Here again, accessibility could be a problem.

Sports should be accessible to everyone.
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Wheelchair access within reach of youth sports organizers

Rick Griffiths of Amramp in North Carolina is used to unexpected requests for wheelchair ramps. So when the call came from a coach at Providence High School in Charlotte, N.C., who needed a ramp for the school's new press box, Rick was not fazed. Within two days, the problem was solved with a 63-foot modular Amramp.

Since Rick had installed ramps at Charlotte’s NASCAR Hall of Fame just a couple years ago, this high school stadium wheelchair ramp installation was simply a lap around the track.

That’s the beauty of Amramp ramps. They can be installed anywhere, usually within 48 hours. They can be rented for a weekend, a week or months, or even purchased outright.

Typically, the ramps are used in private homes and businesses where a permanent wheelchair ramp is prohibited, such as in a historic district, or when the ramp will only be needed for a limited time and building a wheelchair ramp is too costly.

Youth sports aren’t often thought of in terms of wheelchair access but the question does come up, especially when a press box is involved. School buildings, of course, must comply with all regulations flowing from the Americans with Disabilities Act. But, where outdoor sports are concerned, access and necessary ramps may be overlooked.

At Providence High School a new press box had been erected but it was not wheelchair accessible. The steel ramp, with handrails, from Amramp was the perfect solution. Press box access is a dilemma local recreation leagues and athletic associations that use public fields frequently encounter. In areas where Pop Warner football or Little League baseball involve dozens of teams and draw intense interest, a press box is an integral part of a sports program. Booster organizations often buy the ramp and donate it to the school or town.

Amramp’s first concern is safety; its patent-pending ramps meet ADA code and have a mesh platform to prevent wheelchairs from slipping and allow moisture to disperse.

With local budgets for schools and athletic activities tighter than ever, Amramp ramps become an increasingly attractive alternative to building a more expensive concrete or maintenance-intensive wooden ramp that would incur design and permitting costs.

Can your wheelchair ramp stand up to wintertime safely?

Wintertime ramp safety inherent to Amramp's wheelchair ramp design

Wintertime weather presents multiple obstacles for people who use wheelchairs or walking aids, such as metal walkers. Stability underfoot is key, which is why the non-skid surface of Amramp wheelchair ramps is a perfect choice for those who must deal with ice and snow.


This time of year in the Northern Hemisphere - even in the normally unsnowy South - Amramp's most notable feature is its patented steel-mesh platform, which does not collect moisture, allowing rain and snow to fall through. 


Safe navigation of a ramp is important not only for those with disabilities but also for nurses and other caretakers coming to your home, such as your mail carrier or visitors. In Great Britain the estate of a man now deceased is being sued by a nurse who fell and injured herself on a wooden ramp that had been installed when the man needed a wheelchair in the final weeks of his life. The suit charged the ramp was a "danger to users" and constituted negligence on the part of the homeowner and his family. The grieving family was devastated when notified of the legal action.


This case underscores a truth that crosses the pond: We live in a litigious world. Wooden ramps collect snow and ice and can easily become a hazard for anyone using them. And portable, lightweight ramps do not offer adequate safety in the event of ice or snow. Even if you think no one else will use the ramp, you are liable for the safety of those visiting your home. This is particularly a problem for the homebound who clearly could not ensure their ramps would be shoveled, perhaps for a mail carrier who checks in to be sure all is well.


The safe operation of their ramps is paramount to Amramp. In addition to the grated surface, special paint and raised edges also make slips less likely.


Made in the U.S.A., Amramp is also noted for

Modular ramps that can be fitted to homes of all types


Extensive experience installing ramps at historic buildings.


Ramp rentals for a day, a week or longer, and also ramps for purchase


Most ramps can be installed with as little as 48 hours' notice.


An Amramp ramp could be the safest part of your journey this winter.


Your home should be welcoming you, not worrying you
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