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Three Ways to Make An Inviting Pool Area for the Whole Family

Amramp keeps pool areas safe and accessible for all

pool lift

The season for backyard barbecues and pool parties is upon us. There is no better way to get the whole family or neighborhood together than with hamburgers, hotdogs, and water sports. What happens when you are unable to take advantage of cooling off in the pool in the beautiful weather due to a physical ailment? 

Many people are misled to believe that wheelchair-accessible pools are only available in public areas or physical therapy centers. But, with Amramp, there are three particular ways to make an ordinary backyard pool wheelchair accessible. 

Now, the whole family can have fun and feel safe together in the pool, with the help of one of these three accessibility products: 

1. Pool Stairs

  • Provide assistance from attached handrails when entering or exiting the pool from a standing position
  • Must have uniform riser heights and uniform tread widths of 11-inches or more
  • Open risers are not permitted 
  • Handrails must have a width between 20-24 inches and an extension at the top landing

2. Lifts

  • Located where the pool water does not exceed 48-inches and the pool deck is clear
  • Can be manually operated, battery operated, or motorized as long as they can be used without assistance
  • Seats must be at least 16-inches wide and 16-inches from the edge of the pool
  • Must submerge at least 18-inches under water and able to carry at least 300 pounds 

3. Sloped Entries

  • Ramp must be at least 36-inches wide and no steeper than an 8.33% slope
  • Use with aquatic wheelchairs rather than personal mobility device 
  • Submerged depth must be between 24-inches and 30-inches-deep to promote buoyancy
  • Handrails must be provided on each side of the slope and be at least 33-inches-wide and 34-inches-high

You may now be thinking: my pool has stairs or sloped entries. In order to be considered accessible, they must abide by Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidlines (ADAAG). Some of these guidelines are outlined above. These rules are designed to ensure safety around the pool and to help prevent accidents. 

"I just wanted to send you a quick hello to say thank you so very much for all of your help in getting my pool lift. I really appreciate all that you have done to help me in the process of obtaining my pool lift. Thank you for also coordinating with the MS Society and my local MS Center. It is fantastic! It helps me get into and out of my pool with such ease! It looks great." Annemarie M. - Peabody, MA

Pool lifts, pool stairs, ramps and other accessibility products installed in days not weeks 

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Amramp Creates Accessible Entrance for Canadian Alpacas

Amramp Creates a Safe and Accessible Entrance for Sunnyhill Alpacas

Al the Alpaca "supervising" the ramp installation

As promised in our Fort Macleod Courthouse blog post, we've got the full story about one of Amramp's more unusual projects: installing a ramp at Sunnyhill Alpaca Ranch in Rollyview, Alberta. 

Rollyview is a small hamlet located in central Alberta, Canada, that has a population numbering only 58. However, they aren't short on Alpacas. “It was beautiful,” said Lorne Wensel of Amramp Edmonton, “Rollyview is all rolling hills and farmland and it was a big ranch: One of the largest Alpaca ranches in Canada.” 

Leanne Sept and her sisters, Renee and Marlene, also opened Twisted Sisters & Co. Fibre Mill and Store (TSM) in 2004, where they specialize in processing alpaca fibre. When the fibre is brought to the mill it is washed, dried, picked, de-haired, carded into rovings, and then spun into yarn and plied. They also can blend it with other fibres such as nylon, silk, and merino.

The Twisted Sisters store offers a variety of alpaca yarn as well as finished products such as socks, gloves, sweaters, scarves, duvets, teddy bears, and dog beds, which can now be purchased online. “It's no small operation. They ship all over the world,” said Wensel. Sunnyhill Alpacas boasts a herd numbering over 100 alpacas, in fact, and the “Sunnyhill” kids have won multiple showing awards since the owners, Leanne and Kevin Sept, began raising Alpacas in the late 1990s.

An Amramp ramp makes entry to Twister Sisters yarn store safely accessible even in Alberta's winters

It is also a tourist destination. Every week knitting groups come in on buses to buy alpaca yarn. However, with the icy Alberta winters, a lot of these visitors were struggling to make it up the steps. “We installed a ramp 24-feet-long with a 4-foot-by-4-foot platform at the top to make it accessible and safer,” Wensel explained. Amramp's steel-mesh surface allows snow and rain to pass through, making Amramp ramps more suitable for wintery and rainy climates than a wooden or other solid-surface ramp.

The installation was fairly quick, taking only a morning. “I hated to leave, I was enjoying being there so much,” Wensel laughed, “The alpacas were watching me. They didn't seem bothered by me working away.” The Amramp team, in 45 locations all across North America, is happy to have the alpacas' stamp of approval!


Amramp is North America's leading provider of installed wheelchair ramps and accessibility products

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Edmonton Amramp Team Engineers Solution for Fort MacLeod Courthouse

Amramp of Edmonton recently completed an exciting and challenging ramp installation on a historic courthouse and town hall in the remote small town of Fort MacLeod; built in 1904, it is the oldest court house in the province of Alberta. Lorne Wensel of Amramp Edmonton spearheaded the project and shares some interesting highlights with the Amramp blog.

The Fort MacLeod Courthouse predates Alberta’s entry into Canada as a province, and originally serving as a trading post for the Northwest Territorial administration on the praries. Because it is one of the few surviving buildings from that time period, the building is on the list of historic sites, not just in Alberta but all of Canada. As a result, the ramp installation required a lot more permits and inspection processes than usual.

unnamed 8

The courthouse administration found the Amramp Edmonton location online and chose Amramp because our ramps are modular and do not require any excavation or digging to install in most cases. Had digging been required, an archaeological team would have to be brought in to oversee the dig (in case it unearthed any artifacts), which would have almost doubled the expense of the job. The other decision-making factor was that the ramp may or may not be a permanent addition to the building, but Amramp’s ramps are easy to uninstall if necessary—so Amramp was the clear solution in this case!

“It took six months of going back and forth with Historic Sites to get the job approved,” says Lorne, who also had to drive five hours each way to get to Fort MacLeod from Edmonton. Once the installation was approved and he made the trip, a new challenge arose: making sure that the ramp would fit with a step set in a very narrow entryway

unnamed 7

underneath an arch. Fortunately, Amramp Edmonton was able to engineer an effective fix in the end which satisfied all involved parties.

Lorne notes that the climate was “pretty toasty” compared to Edmonton, but the courthouse looks out on the Rocky Mountains and thus made for a lovely view at work. As he worked, townspeople would come up to ask him about the job and share about what the building meant to them personally and as a town.

“I never realized how much traveling I’d be doing when I took on this job,” says, Lorne, who finds himself regularly taking trips to various parts of the province. “Tomorrow, I’m actually heading out to do an installation at an alpaca ranch.”

We can’t wait to see photos from that project!

 Your home should be welcoming you, not worrying you.

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Amramp Creates Path for Disabled Dolphin Fans at Clearwater Aquarium

When elevator breaks, Amramp of Tampa installs modular wheelchair ramp, restoring access to Winter the dolphin at Clearwater Aquarium.

Winter 2 400 

The Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Florida is famously the home to Winter the dolphin, star and inspiration of the hit movies Dolphin Tale and Dolphin Tale 2. After losing her tail in an accident, Winter became the first dolphin to be fitted with a prosthetic tail. Winter’s story of courage and perseverance has made her a beacon of hope and inspiration for anyone who has overcome physical adversity.

Late one afternoon in June, Tim Smith, the facility manager at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium had an emergency situation: The existing elevator that brings aquarium guests up the second floor to see Winter had broken down. While this wasn’t an issue for able-bodied patrons, visitors in wheelchairs who were eager to see Winter were being manually carried up the stairs to the second floor. And more and more were lining up to make this dangerous trek.

With no sense of how long it would take to get the elevator repaired, Smith needed a quick solution. Late that afternoon, Debbie Vanlandingham, the manager at the Amramp franchise based in Tampa, Florida, received an urgent call from Smith.

Amramp, North America’s leading provider of modular wheelchair ramps, jumped on the case. Amramp’s installation experts arrived at the aquarium to perform a comprehensive evaluation, which included extensive measurements and photographs. They remained at the aquarium until ideal design was achieved.

 unnamed 7

Recalling her initial contact with the Aquarium, Vanlandingham said, “I’m such a sentimental fool that I couldn’t thank Tim enough for allowing Amramp to do this for Winter’s fans. I kept getting flashes in my head that actual people were being carried up in their wheelchairs. With the new ramp in place, everyone has safe access to enjoy all areas of the aquarium.”

Amramp installer Paul Ellison was on site early the next morning. With only the staff and star attractions like Winter and her marine peers present, Ellison got to work. Part of the installation process brought him face-to-face with the dolphins’ habitat. Winter and friends were on hand to oversee the installation process and provide Ellison with lots of vocal encouragement. “I felt like they were thanking me,” said Ellison.

“The beauty of it was that we were able to complete the entire installation in less than 24 hours,” said Vanlandingham, “By the time the Aquarium reopened on Wednesday the ramp was already in place and operational.”

Amramp ramps are designed to be installed quickly without requiring any modifications to the existing structure or surroundings and leave no sign or destruction behind when the ramp is removed. Amramp’s patent-pending steel modular wheelchair ramps are available for purchase or rental, short-term for as little as 24 hours for events like graduations, vacation rentals.

The ramp installed at Clearwater Marine Aquarium is a temporary modular rental ramp. This completed ramp runs 36 feet long with a 4-foot-by-4-foot turning platform designed to transport guests in wheelchairs safely to the second floor of the Aquarium to see Winter.

Since the environment for humans in an aquarium can be on the damp side, Amramp ramps are ideal: The open mesh ramp surface provides needed traction and allows moisture to pass through easily. The ramp also features a raised gripping pattern, as well as a special Amramp-grip coating to the ramp surface, making the ramp at the Aquarium the most slip resistant ramp available.

Vanlandingham can’t image any other career. “All I do is help people design ramps,” she said. “Ultimately when someone is able to go on a ramp…it should be like floating on air for them. When you’re in a wheelchair, you should be able to bypass any obstacle that may cross your path. It’s so simple for me to put something down, so you don’t have any obstacles, that’s my reward.”

For more information, click here: Clearwater Marine Aquarium   

Ramps Installed Within 24 hours – for rent or purchase

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Amramp Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the ADA!

ADA 2th Anniversary

We congratulate the people behind the Americans with Disabilities Act who work tirelessly to remove barriers and empower people.

At Amramp, “ADA Compliant” are not just words or regulations to us. It’s the way we work and the way we think.

Our franchise owners and sales team members are factory trained accessibility experts. More importantly, we understand how difficult it can be to push someone in a wheelchair up a ramp that is too steep and how scary it is for an elderly spouse to control their loved one’s wheelchair going down a steep ramp.

We take the time to sit down and talk to the people who will be using the ramp during our home evaluation to make sure the ramp we design fits their needs and the physical limitations of the person in the wheelchair as well as the person who will be assisting that person.

We want to make sure the ramp is long enough to bring someone from the door to a level landing. We don’t want to end the ramp in middle of the lawn, so people then have to navigate over bumpy grass or dirt.

Our steel ramps are fireproof and provide a safe exit in case of fire. An aluminum ramp will melt from the heat and a wood ramp will provide fuel for the fire. Fireproof steel ramps provide an extra safety feature for your loved ones in an emergency.

Our job is to make life easier for people who use wheelchairs, walkers or just struggle with stairs. Amramp makes life accessible where you work, live and play.

Amramp also installs Grab bars, Railings, Vertical Platform Lifts, Stairlifts, Automatic Door Openers, Overhead Patient Lifts, Portable, Roll-in Portable Wheelchair showers and other assistive devices.

Visit Amramp.com for more information on how Amramp can make your home safer and more accessible.

Keeping our Senior Population Safe

Thompsons Sta TN Veteran 2

Each year, millions of adults aged 65 and older fall. Falls can cause moderate to severe injuries, such as hip fractures and head traumas, and can increase the risk of early death. Fortunately, falls are a public health problem that is largely preventable.

One of the key ways to help older adults prevent falls is reduce tripping hazards throughout the house.

Dave Taylor, Amramp Eastern Tennessee, identified 4 trip points at a veteran’s home in Thompsons Station, Tennessee. Dave was able to install some threshold ramps inside and outside the home to allow the veteran to more easily and safely go from room to room and out onto their patio.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends these tips on how to prevent falls among older adults:

  • Exercise regularly. It is important that the exercises focus on increasing leg strength and improving balance, and that they get more challenging over time. Tai Chi programs are especially good.
  • Ask their doctor or pharmacist to review their medicines—both prescription and over-the counter—to identify medicines that may cause side effects or interactions such as dizziness or drowsiness.
  • Have their eyes checked by an eye doctor at least once a year and update their eyeglasses to maximize their vision. Consider getting a pair with single vision distance lenses for some activities such as walking outside.
  • Make their homes safer by reducing tripping hazards, adding grab bars inside and outside the tub or shower and next to the toilet, adding railings on both sides of stairways, and improving the lighting in their homes.

For more information on keeping our senior population safe, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – Home & Recreational Safety website - http://www.cdc.gov/HomeandRecreationalSafety/Falls/adultfalls.html

About Amramp

Amramp installs wheelchair ramps, grab bars, railings, stairlifts and other accessibility products throughout the US and parts of Canada at homes, businesses, schools and institutions. Amramp is the leading company in the United States specializing in modular steel wheelchair ramps, offering sturdy, customizable wheelchair ramps for disability access that enable the aging and disabled population to remain safely in their homes with independence and mobility. Ramps can be installed temporarily for short or long term needs without damaging the building structure as they are not a permanent modification to the building. Amramp products are available for sale or rental with no minimum time frame and no ramp size restrictions – they can even be rented for just one day for a special event or a visitor who struggles with stairs!. 

Amramp steel ramps are fireproof and provide a more stable, non-flammable exit in case of fire. Wood and aluminum are not fireproof.

Amramp also installs Grab bars, Railings, Vertical Platform Lifts, Stairlifts, Automatic Door Openers, Overhead Patient Lifts, Portable, roll-in wheelchair showers and other assistive devices.

Visit Amramp.com for more information on how Amramp can make your home safer and more accessible.

Thompsons Sta Veteran 6 resized 600

Amramp Provides Access in Harvard Square During Sidewalk Renovation

Harvard Sq Cambridge MA Sidewalk Reno resized 600

The unique design of Amramp’s modular wheelchair ramps makes a perfect solution for all types of accessibility needs. Here’s a great example of an Amramp application as a temporary walkway and wheelchair ramp to provide access during a major sidewalk renovation project in Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA.

The Amramp wheelchair ramps allow shoppers and tourists to still have full access to the stores and attractions during the renovations.

Storeowners, municipalities and contractors across the country rent the Amramp ADA compliant wheelchair ramps as a temporary bridge to keep retail establishments open and wheelchair accessible during sidewalk infrastructure improvements.

Amramp installs accessibility ramps throughout the US and parts of Canada at businesses, residences, schools and institutions. Amramp is the leading company in the United States specializing in modular steel wheelchair ramps, offering sturdy, customizable ramps for disability access that enable the aging and disabled population to remain in their homes with independence and mobility or have access to public buildings and facilities.

The Amramp wheelchair ramps can be installed temporarily for short or long term needs without damaging the structure as they are not a permanent modification to the home or building. Amramp products comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and are available for sale or rental with no minimum time frame and no ramp size restrictions.

Amramp also installs stair lifts and vertical platform lifts as well as other accessibility products.

Learn more about Amramp and the products we offer at www.amramp.com.

Wheelchair ramps: Should I rent or buy?

Wheelchair ramp rental for a veteran in Nashville, TN

Renting vs. buying wheelchair ramps: Amramp’s handy checklist makes it easy

The decision whether to buy or rent a wheelchair ramp can be confusing, but Amramp offers options to suit every situation. An overall rule of thumb to follow is: If the ramp will only be used for six months or less, then it is more economical to rent than to buy. More than six months? Buying is the way to go. 

If you’re still not sure which timeframe your scenario fits into, below is a checklist of common uses for ramps and whether it makes more sense to rent or buy a wheelchair ramp, depending on your situation.

Renting a ramp is preferable when:

  • The individual is injured and only requires short-term rehabilitation. Sometimes injuries are temporarily debilitating, and medical professionals expect that full mobility will return.
  • The space you’re in is transitional or a rental property. Landlords may not be willing to foot the bill to install a permanent ramp, so a rental ramp can be the answer.
  • Construction is impeding use of your normal ADA-compliant access. Often renovations require rerouting, yet buildings must remain accessible. Amramp can accommodate your needs, as it did for Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall during elevator upgrades.
  • It’s clearly an end-of-life or hospice situation, and you know that your loved one or the patient will not be with you for many more months or years.
  • You have houseguests visiting with mobility challenges and are looking to accommodate them during their stay, or if
  • You are planning a special event such as a wedding, awards ceremony, graduation, family reunion, election, or any other type of major gathering.

Amramp rents and can have your wheelchair ramp installed for as little as a day, and it is fully ADA-compliant. 

Buying a ramp is preferable when

  • You or the individual in question owns the home/property and wants to make it permanently accessible for many years to come, or
  • You know that it will be in use more than six months of the year.

The best part of the Amramp system is that it gives you flexibility to decide what works best. Our franchise teams will respond within 24 hours of a request to set up a time to do a site visit, and installation is quick and efficient—usually within 24-48 hours after receiving your approval, since building permits are not required. 

Amramp’s rent-to-buy offer

Although this checklist covers most common situations requiring a wheelchair ramp, it can still be tough to plan for every possible variable. The good news is there is no minimum rental period for an Amramp ramp: If you are not sure how long you’ll need it, then we recommend renting it until you are able to make a more definite decision. If you do decide to purchase, 75% of the rental fee will be converted toward your purchase price.

Rental costs vary depending on the length of the ramp and rental time, but there is nothing to lose by calling Amramp to arrange a free evaluation and estimate—even if you only need the ramp for one day!

Wheelchair ramps for renting and buying with installation by a local expert

Call Amramp today to schedule a free on-site estimate

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Amramp Makes Graduation Accessible for Everyone

graduation wheelchair rental, commencement wheelchair rental, ADA compliant wheelchair rental, high school graduation, college, university, events

Make your school’s graduation celebration accessible to students, friends and loved ones of all mobility levels

Graduation season is right around the corner, which means ceremonies and celebrations will be taking place for high school, college, and graduate school students coast-to-coast. Planners must consider not just graduates who may use a wheelchair or require assistance but also faculty and staff, family members, and friends. It's vital to ensure that your school’s event has the necessary components in place to make your venue accessible to all – especially aging or injured loved ones.

ADA-compliant graduation ceremony requires the following, according to this helpful checklist created by the Illinois ADA Project:

  • Staff coordination and training – Make sure that staff members are fully informed and properly trained on how to provide assistance throughout the event, since failure in this area is the number one cause of problems and lawsuits.
  • Invitations, promotional materials, and programs – Invitations and promotional materials need to take into account recipients with hearing, sight, and other communication issues, and should make clear what the accessibility options will be at the ceremony. It's also smart to include an accommodation-request form.
  • Site selection – The right venue is clearly an essential step, and Amramp's rental modular ramps and lifts can help to convert any site into an ADA-compliant one.
  • Auxiliary aids and services – A school must provide visual or aural aids and services for those with vision or hearing limitations.
  • Service animals – Specially trained/designated animals are to be permitted in all public areas throughout the event.
  • Auditorium seating – Try to integrate wheelchair seating throughout the auditorium so that families can sit together.
  • Stage access – There should be no need for wheelchair-using students, faculty, administrators, and honored guests to have to speak or receive/bestow diplomas anywhere other than the stage. Amramp’s modular ramps make it easy for planners to accommodate their needs.

Amramp previously published an article listing additional steps to consider from a logistical and aesthetic standpoint when organizing a wheelchair-accessible graduation; these steps go beyond the basic ADA requirements to create an event that is streamlined, aesthetically pleasing, and memorable. Click the link above for Brett McKee of Amramp of California's useful tips.

 It may seem like a lot, but with a little planning and consideration, you'll find these are easy modifications to make – especially with the help from friendly experts your nearby Amramp franchise, who will walk you through the process step-by-step. Everyone deserves to take part in a graduate's special day, and Amramp's modular ramps, lifts, and friendly service can convert any space, indoor or outdoor, into an accessible one.

  Graduation wheelchair ramps: Rent from the ADA experts

Call Amramp today to schedule a free on-site estimate

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graduation wheelchair rental, commencement wheelchair rental, ADA compliant wheelchair rental, high school graduation, college, university, events

Amramp exhibits at the 2015 NAPGCM conference in Denver

NAPGCM 2015 annual conference


‘Enter a new season’ in eldercare with Amramp at the 2015 NAPGCM conference in Denver

The National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers (NAPGCM) Annual Conference is in Denver, Colorado, from April 29th to May 2nd. Now in its 31st year, the 2015 NAPGCM conference has a springtime-appropriate slogan: "Entering a new season of clarity, unity, and opportunity." For the nearly 400 Aging Life Care Professionals who will be meeting this week, the focus will be on transitioning to "new seasons" personally, professionally, and as an industry.

Dr. Mark Holder and ways that attendees can challenge themselves to increase happiness in their own lives. But transitions can also bring pain and loss, and other event speakers will share ways to cope:

Conference and pre-conference continuing education (CE) contact hours can be earned for the National Association of Social Work, the California Board of Registered Nursing, the National Academy of Certified Care Managers (NACCM), and the Commission for Case Manager (CCM) Certification.

2015 NAPGCM conference topics include

  • Blended Families in Later Life: Ethical Considerations for Geriatric Practitioners – how the typical "family unit" in America has changed over time and how medical professionals should approach these changes,
  • Intimacy Concerns for Seniors With Dementia – common intimacy issues/situations for seniors with dementia and how to address them,
  • Families: Should I Open the Door … or Run and Hide? The Care Manager’s Guide to Calm and Effective Family Work – how to convert stressful family interactions into meaningful ones as a family practitioner, and
  • Signs and Symptoms That Client Finances are Off Track – how to identify warning signs and prevent undue influence and harm to elderly and disabled clients.

In addition to these and other educational sessions, conference attendees can take part in roundtables, networking receptions, mentoring programs, workshops, screenings, and more.

Amramp looks forward to exhibiting at the NAPGCM 2015 annual conference, demonstrating our latest products and advances in accessibility for eldercare and life transitions at all mobility levels. We hope to see you in Denver!

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